We have made quality an integral part of our operational procedures by implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) Initiatives at every stage of the project life cycle to achieve total client satisfaction and customer retention.

Initiating Quality:
To address a better quality of life, it is imperative to identify with a holistic perspective of quality itself. Aaquaries supports a high standard of health by relentlessly pushing potent ideas, revolutionizing processes and driving new drug discoveries.

Empowering Quality Processes:
Quality processes drive quality products. Quality products drive the quality-centric organization. The driving force of Aaquaries ongoing process development is its world-class R&D and its seasoned scientists. Their evolved expertise in process reengineering not only drives the development of revolutionary process routes, but also helps breaking new ground in drug and Active Pharma Intermediates. More importantly, this expertise enhances production efficiencies to impart vital competitive advantages to Aaquaries

Enabling Quality Products:
The mercurial brilliance of the R&D finds an ideal foil in the method and meticulousness of the manufacturing. The state-of-the-art production facilities at Mahad are streamlined to deliver highest quality products with an unfailing consistency.
Moreover, the plants are fully equipped to custom manufacture meeting the requirements of discerning customers worldwide. Full compliance with cGMP and ICH7QA specifications further strengthen customer confidence in Aaquaries.

Emphasizing Quality Standards:
Quality I s ubiquitous at Aaquaries. It pervades people, processes and products alike. Quality is inspected right from the raw material through the intermediate to the final product. Uncompromising standards are adhered to in the development and validation of analytical methods. Quality assurance is implied by built-in systems of procedures, checks and documentation. A heightened quality consciousness is sustained among the analysts and technical personnel through intensive training programs.
Furthermore, ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certifications are the testimonials to our true commitment for ensuring quality at every stage of the manufacturing processes. Today we have an enviable track record of having a loyal customer base for all our API and Intermediates in regulated and non-regulated markets with no threshold resistance whatsoever.
We have benchmarked quality initiatives at all levels of the manufacturing process and all our products carry the Aaquaries Quality mark.