Mission Statement

Combine the strength of our expertise, experience and innovation to advance the worldwide success of the pharmaceutical industries in preventing and curing disease.

Aaquaries strives to be the premier provider to the pharmaceutical industries for development and commercialization of new medical therapies in Anti Cancer & Anti Malarial worldwide.


Integrity & Ethics
We do what's right and demand honesty, maintenance of confidentiality and adherence to professional standards of excellence.

Client Service
We strive to understand our clients' requirements and to meet or exceed their expectation with high quality deliverables and service. We are flexible and always look for proactive, responsible solutions to ensure client satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement
We consistently question the status quo and seek opportunities for improvement. At the same time, we strive for a stimulating work environment open to learning, curiosity and innovation.

Sense of Urgency
Our orientation demands that we address issues and requests immediately, reasonably and comprehensively.

Open Communication
We share information, expertise and experience. At any given moment we may be students, mentors, teachers or consultants.

Initiative & Reward
We encourage resourcefulness, conscientiousness and leadership from each employee. We reward excellence in performance.

Sound strategy and creative implementation require diverse talents working in unison. Best Value for our clients depends on everyone's cooperation and mutual support.

We operate with a sense of ownership for the Company and for responsibilities entrusted to us by our clients and shareholders.