Enviornment Health & Safety Policy

Aaquaries Global Industries Limited is committed to protecting the health and safety of their employees and protecting the environment. Aaquaries is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees, independent contractors, vendors, and customers, and will operate its facilities in a manner that prevents harm to public health and the environment.

Aaquaries will seek to conserve energy, water, raw materials and other resources, use recycling and reduce waste generation where appropriate. Aaquaries shall be good neighbors in their communities by insuring that the facilities do not pose unreasonable risks and by participating in community activities related to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS).

In all its activities, Aaquaries will comply with all applicable laws Aaquaries will design its products in a manner that eliminates unreasonable risks from the manufacture, use and disposal of the product. This policy applies to all Aaquaries units and locations.