Contract Research – FTE

For clients who desire to outsource a substantial amount of research for competitive and economic reasons we offer FTE (Full Time Equivalent) program. Here a group of Aaquaries staff work dedicatedly on projects specified by the client, with all intellectual property generated during the course of the program belonging to the client. Depending on the needs of the client we can customize the structure of the group and the nature of the contract to ensure greatest value capture. Our experienced alliance managers play a vital role in ensuring direct and seamless integration of our research team with our clients company. Project managers ensure effective scheduling including the lead-time for procurement of raw materials, customs clearance, and preparation of material safety data sheets, packaging requirements, and dispatch.

AGIL has many core competencies and to name a few :

  • Consistently synthesize leads against a metrics of 1 chemistry step / chemist / week, or Performance measured against mutually agreed metrics system; work like a Satellite Laboratory with dedicated team of scientists
  • Effectively troubleshoot chemistry issues through in-house technical expertise
  • Active development of analytical methods and quick turnaround of analytical results
  • Work in close interaction with customer through weekly reports, conference calls
  • Effective sourcing of raw materials, handling of hazardous materials and logistical issues
  • Flexible contracting options:
    • Typical Term: 6 months to 1 year
    • ‘Partial’ FTE model for project-specific timeframe
  • SOPs for laboratory notebooks in compliance with GLP guidelines

A dedicated group of Aaquaries chemists work full time for customers with the objective to service their research and development needs. Aaquaries is engaged in such fulltime-equivalent contracts for innovator companies, accelerating the development of promising candidates through clinical trials. Aaquaries also possesses a distinguished track record in this area and has demonstrated a strong inclination towards developing IP for the customer