Aaquaries Global Industries Limited

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  • Technology services of APIs and Finished Dosage Forms
  • Novel Drug Delivery systems
  • Manufacturing Facilities are EUGMP/USFDA compliant.


Contract Research & Custom Synthesis on FTE Basis

APIs with DMF

Docetaxel Anhydrous , Topotecan Hcl Irinotecan Hcl with USDMF available

Formulation R & D

Novel Drug Delivery systems Formulation of Docetaxel developed

Technology Transfer

We offer technology services of APIs and Finished Dosage Forms



Identify the needs and expectations of customer

Business Alliances

Respect value added industry alliances

Co- Marketing

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company

Product Licensing

Partnering with companies for licensing of formulations

Technology Transfer Services

We believe that in today's environment.

We provide our clients with the comprehensive, current and customized information related to product development, analytical methods, testing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and other products. With broad range of expertise and access to over 500 data bases including chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, business, and legal sources, we provide valuable information to help companies design, evaluate and market their products. The sources of information also include several science libraries, NIH (National Institutes of Health) and FDA resources.

Our Products

We investing on the introduction of value added health care products